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masterSilence LaTeX font warningsTimotej Lazar5 years
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2017-04-30Silence LaTeX font warningsHEADmasterTimotej Lazar
2017-04-18Add script to extract patterns from submissionsTimotej Lazar
2017-04-18Store student submissions in files instead of .pickleTimotej Lazar
2017-04-17Fit the twelve (publisher remix)Timotej Lazar
2017-04-17Add a missing wordTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Fix .gitignoreTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Fix paper URLTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Include remaining reviewer commentsTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Rename C-/I-rules to positive/negative rulesTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Address some reviewsTimotej Lazar