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2017-04-30Silence LaTeX font warningsHEADmasterTimotej Lazar
2017-04-18Add script to extract patterns from submissionsTimotej Lazar
2017-04-18Store student submissions in files instead of .pickleTimotej Lazar
2017-04-17Fit the twelve (publisher remix)Timotej Lazar
2017-04-17Add a missing wordTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Fix .gitignoreTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Fix paper URLTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Include remaining reviewer commentsTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Rename C-/I-rules to positive/negative rulesTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Address some reviewsTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Export rules in a JSON file for CodeQTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Shorten some referencesTimotej Lazar
2017-04-16Reviewer comments answered.Martin Možina
2017-04-01Rename “aied2017” directory to “paper”Timotej Lazar
2017-02-07Final version for reviewTimotej Lazar
2017-02-07Fit the twelveTimotej Lazar
2017-02-07Some tweaksTimotej Lazar
2017-02-07Add conclusionTimotej Lazar
2017-02-07CN2 reference.Martin Možina
2017-02-07Include commentsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-06Included Ivan's and my comments.Martin Možina
2017-02-06Mini fixes.Martin Možina
2017-02-05Add bibliographyTimotej Lazar
2017-02-05Some more cleanupsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-05Some cleanupsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-05Add section on generating hintsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-05Add section on patternsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-03First draft of evaluation section.Martin Možina
2017-02-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Možina
2017-02-03Description of method (still very draft).Martin Možina
2017-02-02Update introductionTimotej Lazar
2017-02-02Extend abstract and add title, authors and keywordsTimotej Lazar
2017-01-31Add WIP abstract, introduction and backgroundTimotej Lazar
2017-01-31Fixed a bug with missing arguments.Martin Možina
2017-01-31Patterns now include also singleton literals, which is needed forMartin Možina
2017-01-18Update .gitignoreTimotej Lazar
2017-01-18Add outline and files for the AIED2017 paperTimotej Lazar
2017-01-18Extract patterns for literal-literal and literal-variable node pairsTimotej Lazar
2017-01-18Remove stale code and clean upTimotej Lazar
2017-01-17Added scripts for learning rules.Martin Možina
2017-01-16Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Možina
2017-01-13Version 2.0Timotej Lazar
2017-01-10Save test users to a file.Martin Možina
2017-01-09First commit is the best commitTimotej Lazar