BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate sandbox for updated SWI-PrologTimotej Lazar4 years
releaseUpdate sandbox for updated SWI-PrologTimotej Lazar4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-12Update sandbox for updated SWI-PrologHEADreleasemasterTimotej Lazar
2017-02-28monkey.rules: give intent hints only when at least two patterns matchTimotej Lazar
2017-02-27monkey.rules: only report the first unknown patternTimotej Lazar
2017-02-27Implement pattern-based hints (see AIED2017)Timotej Lazar
2017-02-24prolog.parser: implement most remaining operatorsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-24Modify Prolog parser to produce ASTs instead of parse treesTimotej Lazar
2016-10-27Add support for pickles to trace viewerTimotej Lazar
2016-10-20Disable debug loggingTimotej Lazar
2016-10-20Revert "Week2: simpop/3 exercise added."Timotej Lazar
2016-10-17Week2: simpop/3 exercise added.Aleksander Sadikov