AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-12Update sandbox for updated SWI-PrologHEADreleasemasterTimotej Lazar
2017-02-28monkey.rules: give intent hints only when at least two patterns matchTimotej Lazar
2017-02-27monkey.rules: only report the first unknown patternTimotej Lazar
2017-02-27Implement pattern-based hints (see AIED2017)Timotej Lazar
2017-02-24prolog.parser: implement most remaining operatorsTimotej Lazar
2017-02-24Modify Prolog parser to produce ASTs instead of parse treesTimotej Lazar
2016-10-27Add support for pickles to trace viewerTimotej Lazar
2016-10-20Disable debug loggingTimotej Lazar
2016-10-20Revert "Week2: simpop/3 exercise added."Timotej Lazar
2016-10-17Week2: simpop/3 exercise added.Aleksander Sadikov
2016-10-06Python: add support for auxiliary code (like for Prolog)Timotej Lazar
2016-10-04build_web_resources: copy top-level style.cssTimotej Lazar
2016-09-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Možina
2016-09-27Added ast related functions.Martin Možina
2016-09-27Incorporate some tweaks to the monkey methodsTimotej Lazar
2016-09-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Možina
2016-09-27Added python util functions.Martin Možina
2016-09-22Re-add support for disabling some hint typesTimotej Lazar
2016-09-07Improve error handling in build_web_resourcesTimotej Lazar
2016-07-15Fix prolog runner for SWI-Prolog ≥ 7.3.22Timotej Lazar
2016-05-29Prolog runner: allow call/1 in sandboxed modeTimotej Lazar
2016-05-22Fix: store current solution when tests passTimotej Lazar
2016-05-22Add support for per-problem initial codeTimotej Lazar
2016-05-16Detect predicates used in DCG clausesTimotej Lazar
2016-05-15Support a | b notation for DCGsTimotej Lazar
2016-05-15Hack in support for DCGs in Prolog parserTimotej Lazar
2016-05-08Prolog: allow custom inference limit in check_answersTimotej Lazar
2016-05-08Prolog: support CLP(FD) in parserTimotej Lazar
2016-05-06Prolog: increase inference limit for test queriesTimotej Lazar
2016-05-06Prolog: increase inference limit for test queriesTimotej Lazar
2016-04-24Support CLP(R) expressions in Prolog parserTimotej Lazar
2016-04-24Return info about experiments to the clientTimotej Lazar
2016-04-22Fix: previous commitTimotej Lazar
2016-04-19Fix: correctly parse difflib.SequenceMatcher outputTimotej Lazar
2016-04-08Prolog: use A,B,C,… for normalized variable namesTimotej Lazar
2016-04-08Remove unused prolog.util.normalizedTimotej Lazar
2016-04-08Fix monkey.test to match monkey.edits updatesTimotej Lazar
2016-04-08Revert "Experiment: prolog_hints"Timotej Lazar
2016-04-07Always return a string in prolog.util.Token.__str__Timotej Lazar
2016-03-30Web: store session SAML data as soon as we get itTimotej Lazar
2016-03-17Improve build_web_resources.pyTimotej Lazar
2016-03-16PrologSession: remove unused attributeTimotej Lazar
2016-03-12Fix pengine regexTimotej Lazar
2016-03-12prolog_session: check for generic hints after specificTimotej Lazar
2016-03-03Remove unused variableTimotej Lazar
2016-03-02Improve hints returned by monkey.fix_hintsTimotej Lazar
2016-03-02Parse 'experiment' actionsTimotej Lazar
2016-03-01Support experiments field for SAML loginsTimotej Lazar
2016-02-29Improved hints for ancestor/2. "Timeout results as False" ask_truthTO() funct...Aleksander Sadikov
2016-02-28Experiment: prolog_hintsTimotej Lazar