BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertest_prepare_disks: add a missing method to SSHGuestFSTimotej Lazar3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-05test_prepare_disks: add a missing method to SSHGuestFSHEADmasterTimotej Lazar
2019-09-05test_prepare_disks: Improve error reportingTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: Store empty parameters as ''Timotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: Set empty token in task_params when using local tasksTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: use system username for local testingTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04util: Ask fortune where fortunes can be foundTimotej Lazar
2019-03-07write_default_config: allow specifying target user and directoryTimotej Lazar
2019-03-07kpov_util: support generating strings without digitsTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02Add task compile-runTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02tasks.isc_dhcp_live_boot: add parameter encoding to pexpect callsTimotej Lazar