AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-05test_prepare_disks: add a missing method to SSHGuestFSHEADmasterTimotej Lazar
2019-09-05test_prepare_disks: Improve error reportingTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: Store empty parameters as ''Timotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: Set empty token in task_params when using local tasksTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04test_task: use system username for local testingTimotej Lazar
2019-09-04util: Ask fortune where fortunes can be foundTimotej Lazar
2019-03-07write_default_config: allow specifying target user and directoryTimotej Lazar
2019-03-07kpov_util: support generating strings without digitsTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02Add task compile-runTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02tasks.isc_dhcp_live_boot: add parameter encoding to pexpect callsTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02web: hide HOWTO linkTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02web: increase line width and heightTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02tasks.snmp_agent_uptime: fix scripts in howtoTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02Add build-essential to base disk imageTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02kpov_util: better random strings and filenamesTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02ssh_test: improve error reportingTimotej Lazar
2019-03-02ssh_test: fix newlines in command outputTimotej Lazar
2019-02-24License under AGPL3+Timotej Lazar
2019-02-24Move everything one level upTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21tasks/set_motd: update task to use new imagesTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21Add scripts to generate virtual images with DebianTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21test_task: improve presentationTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21test_task: simplify getting user loginTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21test_task: reorder helper functionsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21test_task: check and display argparser help before loading the taskTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21web.task_source: return the empty string for invalid taskTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21create_disk_images: create standalone VMDK imagesTimotej Lazar
2019-02-21create_disk_images: modify image filenamesTimotej Lazar
2019-02-20add_task: fix loading networks from task.pyTimotej Lazar
2019-02-20Update translationsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-20Fix instruction box in task_greetingTimotej Lazar
2019-02-20Fix and clean up token-based access to params and resultsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-19First try for token-based params and results requestsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-19Web: remove unused functionsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-19write_default_config: copy random_data directory to imageTimotej Lazar
2019-02-19Support qcow2 formatTimotej Lazar
2019-02-16Improve task_greeting.html templateTimotej Lazar
2019-02-16Create disk images in multiple formatsTimotej Lazar
2019-02-12create_disk_images: add diskless computers to db.student_computersTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Fix two tasksTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Merge branch 'improve-web'Timotej Lazar
2018-10-13A couple of tweaksTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Oops, don’t redefine prepare_disksTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Update translationsTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Add language links to task pageTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Call write_default_config for arbiter in all KPOV 2018 tasksTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13Show results and parameters on task pageTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13add_task: fix returned hints in online task_checkTimotej Lazar
2018-10-13web.results_post: call task_check with defaultdict(str)Timotej Lazar
2018-10-13Fix urllib for Python 3Timotej Lazar