Martin Možina


Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: +386 1 4798 292
Email: martin.mozina X

Research Interests

Most of my research interests are in the field of artificial intelligence. Specifically, I try to combine machine learning from examples with knowledge acquisition from experts - I would like to improve the efficiency of machine learning algorithms by taking into account intuition about the domain provided by domain experts. My current research domains are a) argument based machine learning, a combination of classical machine learning and argumentation, b) recommender systems and c) conceptualization of procedural knowledge. Argumentation is an extension of classical logic that tries to mimic the human way of reasoning, i.e. with arguments. Here are some links with details and publications about my research work:


A large part of my research work during 2004 - 2009 is described in my PhD Thesis (in english). A complete list of publications can be found here.