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2018-06-25Remove wordsHEADmasterTimotej Lazar
2018-06-20Show program code with AST for divisorsTimotej Lazar
2018-06-20Small changes to rules and conclusions section.Martin Mozina
2018-06-19Merge branch 'master' of Možina
2018-06-19Representation of rules.Martin Možina
2018-06-18Fix text and figures for AST patternsTimotej Lazar
2018-06-17Added first version of presentation.Martin Možina
2018-05-20Catch exception when files have non-utf characters.Martin Možina
2018-05-20Added create_data and evaluate_orange.Martin Možina
2018-04-04AIED2018: minor tweaksTimotej Lazar
2018-04-04Shorter rules section, better transition from section 2 to 3.Martin Mozina
2018-04-02Compress pattern description for short paperTimotej Lazar
2018-03-30A poster version (4 pages).Martin Možina
2018-02-06Minor corrections.Martin
2018-02-06Tweak moreTimotej Lazar
2018-02-06Optimize tableTimotej Lazar
2018-02-06Optimize bibliographyTimotej Lazar
2018-02-06Update pattern descriptionTimotej Lazar
2018-02-06Added evaluation.Martin Mozina
2018-02-05Fixed total/correct values in the table.Martin
2018-02-05Compactify sections 3 and 4, prettify rulesTimotej Lazar
2018-02-05Added greatest absolutistMartin Mozina
2018-02-04Add evaluation for patternsTimotej Lazar
2018-02-04Tweak minorlyTimotej Lazar
2018-02-04Add introductionTimotej Lazar
2018-02-02Fahrenheits and CelsiusMartin
2018-02-01Add section on patternsTimotej Lazar
2018-02-01Algorithm for rule learning.Martin Mozina
2018-01-29Changed title.Martin Mozina
2018-01-27aied2018: add working title and abstractTimotej Lazar
2018-01-25regex: minor and probably unnecessary tweakTimotej Lazar
2018-01-25regex: fix attribute handling in make_patternTimotej Lazar
2018-01-25regex: tweak make_pattern functionTimotej Lazar
2018-01-22canonicalize: fix some compat issues for AST moduleTimotej Lazar
2018-01-19regex: add several types of patternsTimotej Lazar
2018-01-19Tweak mainTimotej Lazar
2018-01-19regex: remove find_patterns (unused and broken)Timotej Lazar
2018-01-10canonicalize: oops, missed a spotTimotej Lazar
2018-01-10regex: always include operator in BinOp/Compare patternsTimotej Lazar
2018-01-08Add mainTimotej Lazar
2018-01-08Oops, missed a printTimotej Lazar
2018-01-08Import asttokens libraryTimotej Lazar
2018-01-08Import dynamic pattern stuffTimotej Lazar
2018-01-08Simplify canonicalize.canonicalizeTimotej Lazar
2018-01-03canonicalize: support »import *«Timotej Lazar
2018-01-03canonicalize: don’t rename importsTimotej Lazar
2017-12-29Import AST pattern stuffTimotej Lazar
2017-12-28Add .gitignoreTimotej Lazar
2017-12-28Import canonicalization module from ITAPTimotej Lazar